I can't access my cPanel account, what is wrong?

There are numerous reasons why you cannot access your cPanel:

  1. Server might be down, check your host's uptime page and see if there are any outages (eg: status.jollyworkshosting.com).
  2. Your IP address may have been blocked on the server's firewall due to consecutive wrong login attempts. In this case, contact Support immediately, provide your IP address, and request to get unblocked.
  3. Your domain might not be correctly pointed to the correct name servers ( if you're accessing cPanel from yourdomain.com/cpanel )
  4. You are entering incorrect cPanel login credentials, double-check that you're not including any whitespaces especially when you copy-paste it.
  5. You are logging in to the wrong server. Ensure you are accessing the correct cPanel URL, usually provided in your welcome e-mail.

Here are the solutions you may try based on the listings above.

  1. If you're not sure that your host has an uptime page, you can verify it yourself by entering your domain name at http://isup.me or http://just-ping.com website. If results show that your website is down or not pinging, contact Technical Support for immediate assistance.
  2. Part of our server's security is logging the IP address of the user who tries to access an account. Five consecutive wrong login attempts are blocked for security purposes. If you think you have logged in incorrectly to any service (cPanel / WHM / Webmail / FTP / MySQL / phpMyAdmin) get your public IP address from http://whatismyIP.com and submit a ticket to Shared Hosting Technical Support for immediate assistance.
  3. Your name server depends on the server where you are hosted. Make sure you're using the correct name servers. You may validate it from the welcome email sent to you upon activation of your account. To verify if your domain points to the correct name server visit http://www.internic.net/whois.html enter your domain and proceed to view your WHOIS info. You will see from the result the currently set name servers. If they are different, login to your Domain Control Panel and update your name servers.
  4. You can learn how to update name servers from here. Or you may also contact General Support and request for name server changes.
  5. Make sure you are entering the correct username and password in cPanel. Copy-pasting sometimes may include white-spaces so make sure you highlight only the required characters. If you think you are entering the correct details yet you cannot still access them, contact Shared Hosting Technical Support for immediate assistance.
  6. Make sure you are logging in to the correct cPanel URL. This is information is also included in your welcome email sent to you upon activation of your account. On the other hand, assuming that your domain is correctly pointed to the appropriate name servers, we recommend that you access your cPanel from http://yourdomain.com/cpanel. When prompted for a self-signed SSL certificate, ignore and add an exception.
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