How do I pay using my PayPal?

NOTE: Below is a guide on how you can pay your Invoice via 2CheckOut using your PayPal funds that you have. We understand that the paying process through 2CheckOut is more lengthy and detailed than regular PayPal checkout, however, keep in mind that 2CheckOut has the highest security and protection on your transactions, so we are confident that you are safe!


A. PAY using your PayPal Funds via 2CheckOut (2CO)

1. In your Jolly Works Hosting Invoice page, Click the drop-down arrow, and choose Paypal & Credit Card via 2CheckOut as your payment method.

2. Click the one of the buttons to proceed to 2CO Secured Checkout page.

  • Create Automated Recurring Subscription: if you wish to create a hassle-free automatic billing for your account.
  • Make One Off Payment: for one-time express payment.
Step 1


3. You will now be redirected to 2CO secured checkout page. Review your order, and click Continue Checkout button to proceed to the next step.

4. The next process will be to complete the form my filling-up the required fields (2CO may attempt to fetch your profile details from your JWH Client Potal Account), and click Continue Checkout button to proceed to the Payment Method page.

5. Select PayPal as your source of funds and click Continue Checkout button. You will then be guided through the rest of the payment process by 2CO Payment Wizard.


If you have questions or troubles sending your payment via 2CO, please contact our Billing department at or call 2CheckOut Customer Service Department 1.877.294.0273 (Toll free US and Canada).

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