2Checkout to start accepting Credit Card payment with partner Paypal

2Checkout implemented an important update with regards to paying by Credit or Debit Card. Effective 30th of July, 2021 9:00 AM UTC, all Credit Card and Debit card transactions will now be processed by their partner, Paypal. This will only not offer a more seamless payment experience to pay via Visa/Mastercard but also via American Express and ... Läs mer »

7th Aug 2021
We are extending help during COVID-19

With government-imposed lockdowns and movement control protocols, we understand that you might be under difficult a situation. Jolly Works Hosting values your safety and health and we strongly encourage that you to stay indoors and follow procedures. In light of this, we would like to extend help to our customers who cannot settle their due ... Läs mer »

13th Apr 2020
Jolly Works Hosting ceases all cPanel services effective immediately

We regret to inform our dear customers that effectively immediately, we are terminating our use of cPanel control panel for Shared, Wordpress, and Reseller Hosting. All existing services using cPanel will be migrated to DirectAdmin. This decision has been made final due to cPanel's license price hike as we announced few weeks ago which, ... Läs mer »

1st Aug 2019
Our statement on the recent cPanel Price Hike

cPanel has shaken the web hosting community with its recent price hike announcement. Previously, web hosts such as Jolly Works Hosting (JWH) pays only a per-server license (unlimited accounts). Now, cPanel have announced that they will shift to a per account pricing model. Old Tier Pricing cPanel Solo (one website) - $15/monthcPanel and WHM VPS ... Läs mer »

31st Jul 2019
IMPORTANT: Disabled PHP Functions (Updated)

UPDATE Due to increased incompatibility with major CMS such as Wordpress, some functions have been restored. In line with security audit which we recently performed on CLOUD01 server, we would like to inform our clients that the following PHP functions have been disabled on the server due to security ... Läs mer »

4th May 2019
PHP 5.6 End Of Life Support - Upgrade your websites now!

Dear Valued Customers, As we have announced and communicated earlier, we will no longer support PHP 5.6 starting January 1, 2019. PHP's support for version 5.6 ended last December 31, 2018. This means that bugs and security issues will no longer be fixed. Using PHP 5.6 exposes our server to security risks and therefore we are disabling it ... Läs mer »

31st Dec 2018
SiteLock Lite is now available to all new hosting accounts

We are happy to announce that SiteLock Lite will now be available to all new hosting accounts starting October 27, 2018. SiteLock Lite is a free malware scanner that searches for malware by scanning the sitemap of your website for infections. Services with SiteLock Lite enabled: Shared Hosting Wordpress Hosting Reseller Hosting Master ... Läs mer »

26th Oct 2018
PHP version upgrade from 5.6 to 7.0 [CLOUD01]

Dear valued customers, Please be aware that we recently upgraded CLOUD01 server's PHP version to 7.0 in preparation for the upcoming end-of-life support for version 5.6. Your website may be affected by this upgrade as there are PHP functions that were dropped in version 7.0 such as `mysql_*()` functions. To learn more about the backward ... Läs mer »

22nd Feb 2018
Important notification about .ORG & .NET free domains

We would like to inform you that due to recent registrar pricing increase for .ORG and .NET domains, we have determined that offering .ORG and .NET domain as an option for free domain is no longer good for the business. As you know, Jolly Works Hosting offers rock-bottom prices where, as much as possible, we want to pass the savings to you; our ... Läs mer »

24th Nov 2017
Urgent: Pricing updates from LogicBoxes / Registries

We have had a rather impulsive update to our pricing which through LogicBoxes is from the registries. As you will notice most of them are nTLD’s, meaning the new gTLD names are not making as much for the registries as they were hoping and they believe to recoup it is best to “increase” the pricing and catch new registrations, transfers, and ... Läs mer »

31st Aug 2017