cPanel has shaken the web hosting community with its recent price hike announcement. Previously, web hosts such as Jolly Works Hosting (JWH) pays only a per-server license (unlimited accounts). Now, cPanel have announced that they will shift to a per account pricing model.

Old Tier Pricing

cPanel Solo (one website) - $15/month
cPanel and WHM VPS - $20/month (or $200/year)
cPanel and WHM Dedicated Server - $45/month or $425/year

New cPanel Pricing

For 5 accounts – $20/month
For 30 accounts – $30/month
For 100 accounts – $45/month + $0.20 for each additional account
Note: one (1) cPanel account = one (1) account

What does this mean for you and JWH?

As a current Reseller Hosting customer, you have the ability to create unlimited cPanel accounts as long as it is within your total allocated resources at rock-bottom pricing - no additional fees which means more profit for your business.

As a Shared Hosting / WordPress Hosting customer, like our resellers, you enjoy rock-bottom pricing so low that you can just skip three cups of Venti Latte to get a website hosted and running.

With the new cPanel pricing model, not only we will be forced to increase the price of your hosting package, but resellers will also be limited up to a certain number of accounts they can create - which means more operational cost and less profit opportunity.

What’s our plan?

At this point, we are still processing this cPanel pricing news. We will be providing an announcement about our plan to move forward within the first week of August.

For many years, Jolly Works Hosting has been a reliable choice for affordable hosting. We price our services rock-bottom so you, our customers, can allocate your resources to other aspects of your business and grow it further.

We look forward for a positive news along the way and hopefully it will be something that will benefit everyone involved in this industry we are all part of.

If you think cPanel's price hike is unfair - you can sign this petition and let your thoughts be heard.

Thank you for staying a loyal customer.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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